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Welcome to Lifting up Haiti

"Please click below to view a short video about our work and background"

Lifting Up Haiti is a non-profit 501c3 organization located in Bellingham, WA. Our real heart lies in Haiti and with the Haitian people. We were formed in September 2010 and are comprised of a small board of committed caring, passionate people who have all had transforming experiences in Haiti.

Our current work is centered around a cooperative project with a small children's home in Williamson, Haiti, located about an hour north of Port au Prince, close to the coastline. It is an extremely impoverished community, even by Haitian standards. Our center is called Lifting Up Haiti. We have about 17 children at the center, between ages 4 and 15. We support other children in the local village nearby in other ways and also run a small school. We are hoping for future expansion and we are personally aware of many children in need.

We are comprised of a US and Haitian board of directors. We have many faithful Haitian volunteers who support services at the center. They have ministered in the community providing outreach since 2008 and they formed the children's home in the Fall of 2010. We have merely come along side of them to encourage them and empower them. Together, we are excited for the future and the goal of building a “New Vision” for the children of Haiti!

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