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Welcome to Lifting Up Hope!

--We are a Christian 501(c)-3 non-profit dedicated to sustainable work  with an emphasis on children and community health in various countries

--We  embrace  and  have  adopted the CHE Core Values  for  our  programs. 

--We focus on empowering local people by giving them the tools, resources and training to foster independence and self-sufficiency.

--We are an organization dedicated to long term development, not short term relief.

--We believe in the concept of strong collaboration and partnership. 

Lifting Up Hope takes on specific, well-defined projects as God and resources allow. Our work tends to be centered on children, education, community health and agriculture.  We strive to be a "teach to fish" model of development. See our current projects tab for specific work that we are involved in. 


 Contact us to support local US operations, pray for our ministry or help sponsor our projects in Haiti and other countries.  We are a small but passionate organization. We welcome your financial support for our ongoing work.  Projects change from time to time as funds and needs arise. 

Donations are tax deductible. Over 95% of funds go directly to support projects in that country.  Please know that your donation is carefully targeted and efficiently used to gain the maximum benefit for the people, whom our Board have a deep love for. 

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