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Current Projects

The Amazing Moringa Tree


This amazing tree is a hearty plant that is drought resistant and grows in many underserved areas around the world.

It has the third most nutritious leaf in the world and is considered a "super food".

It is high in vitamins, iron, calcium and all the essential amino acids to be a good source of protein!

What a wonderful resource that is so nutritious and easy to grow for those in need in tropical climates!

Dr Troutman and Lifting Up Hope are interested in research to bring this nutritious plant to the most vulnerable: the pregnant and nursing women and their infants.  Our initial step is to develop and implement a research project showing it's benefits. 

.Join us in supporting this beneficial research!

Community Life and Health

Our board particularly loves this ministry because our friends, Ryan and Jill Dolan live, work and love on this community in Haiti.  They are a part of the Foundation Guillaume and Mission of Grace in South-West Haiti.  They oversee an orphanage, an elder home, a clinic and school.  Lifting Up Hope has worked and supported the clinic, as well as "Club Mama", a clinic for mothers and their babies.  Join us in supporting this wonderful community's health and well-being. 


Our latest project:

chickens and eggs!

Lifting Up Hope has teamed up with our friends Jen Wride and Bonne Terre Haiti for an exciting project.  It combines delivering a highly nutritious product to a needy local community while performing a valuable moringa animal research study!

Chickens and feed have been purchased to start the project.  Eggs that are produced will be donated to feed 150 orphans at the local orphanage as well as to a maternal child health birthing program for pregnant and new moms. We anticipate about 1200 eggs per month! That’s a lot of eggs!!!

Some of the chickens will be fed  dried moringa leaf powder in chicken feed to see if it improves the size and weight and production of eggs. If successful, this would have long-term implications for better chicken production in Haiti.

We hope to develop this program so it can be taught and used and implemented at other sites in Haiti to improve malnutrition and enhance sustainable food resources.

We are looking for partners who would like to donate to this project!

One time or monthly donations are available.

Cost of feed and labor for one dozen eggs is about $2.  A donation of $100 would fund 50 dozen or 600 eggs!

On our donation page, list "chicken project" on the memo line. Mesi! (thank you)

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