Medical Care and Supplies

Project Cure
Have large medical supplies that can be shipped via container. C.U.R.E kits are excellent, low cost medical supplies and equipment perfect for first time medical mission groups.
Has templates fro childhood illness care for lay training. - Google "WHO- Integrated Management of Childhood Illness" Template are a bit cumbersome and not fully practical, but do have some good ideas.
Haiti Foundation of Hope
Focus on medical clinics, women's trade school, micro-loans, education with large school of 1000 children and very successful CHE community health outreach program
One Spirit Missions
Short term medical clinics to Haiti. Long term goal of establishing a clinic in the Arbonite Valley and medical and nursing scholarships.
Free Wheelchair Mission
Provides wheelchairs to the poor - "Provide the transforming gift of mobility to the impoverished disabled in the developing world, as motivated by Jesus Christ".
Blessing International
A must resource for medical mission supplies. Prices are about the best you can find for most drugs you need. Must be ordered by a doctor. We have used them many times and they are reliable, cost effective and very easy to work with. First class organization.
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