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With Sadness We Depart

Spring 2015

As many of you are aware, over the last year, Lifting Up Haiti has been winding down our Children’s Home Ministry.   Over the last 5 years, our goal has been to provide support for our Haitian brother Buteau and his staff so they would be able to operate independently.  Our board, along with you, our faithful supporters, have worked tirelessly to provide practical and financial help to bring those opportunities to them.   We are very grateful to you all...

“Graduation” Day Nears

Fall 2014

In mid-2010, a few Americans partnered with a few Haitians to help establish a local ministry that would include a school and children’s home.  Almost five years later, we are transitioning away from this partnership.  Through the prayers and generous donations of our sponsors and supporters, they have a home in St Marc, a healthy large garden, some goats and chickens, and a small business...

Spring Trip Has Dental Focus

Spring 2014

Lifting Up Haiti’s spring mission trip centered around providing dental clinics to several areas in the St Marc-Williamson area.  There was no charge for the service and many Haitians came to the clinics, grateful to have their dental problems fixed.  Extractions, fillings. cleanings and fluoride applications were provided by dentists and dental students from University of Washington dental school and Medical Relief International (MRI).   An estimated 200 children and adults were seen during the 5 day clinic.  Lifting Up Haiti is planning another dental outreach in March 2015 in the same areas. Come and join us!

Change in the Wind for LUH

Fall 2013


Just outside of Williamson, Haiti. It was just a little over a year ago that Lifting Up Haiti was able to purchase property just outside of Williamson. We had plans to make this a community center and permanent home for the children. Our next step was establishing a well. In September, we proceeded to drill 300 feet down and found no water. As you can imagine, this was a big disappointment for our joint US/Haitian board and we are now exploring and praying about our next steps. Jim’s trip in November (see next page) was part of this exploration. In spite of this, we have much to be grateful for: the children are all healthy and thriving and we have been able to start an education program for 14 children in the Mahotte village . . .

Easter in Haiti

​Summer 2013

Williamson, Haiti. What happens when ten enthusiastic Americans come to Haiti for a Mission Trip over spring break? Well, they work on needed projects (see article below), but they also have fun with the kids. The children at the Lifting Up Haiti Children’s Home were treated to a good old fashioned Easter-egg hunt along with the telling of the Resurrection story. If that wasn’t enough, there was a piñata too!


The property bought last fall is a raw, rocky piece of land that is home to roaming livestock and a few dry bushes. Someday, this will be the permanent home for Lifting Up Haiti Children’s Home, school and church . . .

Lifting Up One Man’s Vision…

Summer 2012

Williamson, Haiti. “They were so dirty”… Jean Buteau explains, when describing how the children of his orphanage were when he found them, over three years ago.He and a few of his close friends visited the very poor community of Mahotte, Haiti in 2008. The condition of their children and their lack of basic resources pierced their hearts. Out of their limited supplies, they began to bring food to the people in the village, sometimes just an extra bag or two of rice. This continued for another year. In 2010, “Buteau” met Jim Troutman, a Pediatrician from Bellingham, WA. Jim was serving on a team from his local church that were in Haiti after the earthquake. Jim was so moved when he met Buteau and heard his story, that he caught Buteau’s vision . . .

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